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Welcome to ICC! PDF Print E-mail

Imus Computer College (ICC), a network of computer schools in the Philippines, is the first computer school chain that originated from the province of Cavite. Cavite is the biggest province in the Philippines in terms of population.

ICC president & founder Manny P. del Prado, finished his basic education in La Salle Green Hills and his engineering degree and MBA in De La Salle University Manila. He took Executive Education courses from the University of California-Berkeley. He is a Microsoft Certified Expert. Manny del Prado is a member of the Cavite Computer Society, the Philippine Computer Society (PCS), the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) & the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) both based in New York and the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEA) based in Virginia, USA. In 2008, Manny del Prado was named fellow of the Royal Institution of Singapore. He was likewise awarded as "Outstanding Imuseno of 2008" for his contribution to information technology education in the town of Imus and in the province of Cavite.

ICC offers affordable & accessible 2 year computer college education in several branches in the province of Cavite & south of Metro Manila. High school graduates and adult learners who are looking for an affordable alternative to the very expensive tuition of four-year degree courses or would like to experience the advantage of private school computer education will find ICC's 2 year courses as a practical alternative in pursuing their college education without sacrificing their chances of getting quality instruction and future employment. ICC graduates are now employed in stable jobs in various business & government organizations in Cavite & in Metro Manila. In recent years, there is also a big number of ICC graduates employed in multinational call centers all over the Philippines. ICC graduates are not only gainfully employed here in the Philipines, but, today there are ICC graduates working as I.T. Professionals in almost all regions in the world. There are ICC graduates working in North America, Europe, the Middle East, East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Cavite's No. 1 & Most Affordable Computer School Chain!

  • ICC Corporate Office: UniOil Center, Commerce Ave. cor Acacia Ave., Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City (710-4750)
  • ICC Imus: Ilano Bldg., Nueno Ave, Imus, Cavite (046-471-4839)
  • ICC Las Pinas: Rubetan Bldg., Pamplona 1, Alabang-Zapote Rd., Las Pinas City (872-5376)
  • ICC Rosario: Royal Star Bldg., Gen. Trias Drive, Rosario, Cavite (046-438-5293)
  • ICC GMA: Evangelista Bldg., Congressional Ave, GMA, Cavite (046-890-1718)
  • ICC Dasmarinas: Veluz2 Bldg., Aguinaldo Highway, Dasmarinas, Cavite (046-416-1923)
  • ICC Alabang: Aragon Bldg., Almanza 2, Alabang-Zapote Road, Las Pinas City (800-4162)
  • ICC Bacoor: 4th Floor, First Grand Building, Molino Road, Molino 3, Bacoor City (0910-796-0399)
  • ICC Silang: BDO Bldg., J.P. Rizal St., Silang, Cavite (0912-312-3432)
  • ICC Gov. Drive: MG Center, Gov. Drive, Dasmarinas, Cavite (046-402-1602)
  • ICC Montillano: To Our Students, Graduates, Supporters and Friends: We would like to inform you that due to administrative concerns in our ICC Montillano branch, we have moved our ICC Montillano branch operations to ICC Alabang. If you have any concerns with ICC Montillano, please call Ms. Charo Francisco at 800-4162.
  • ICC Carmona: Paseo de Carmona,  Gov. Drive, Carmona, Cavite (046-482-0595)
  • ICC Salawag: Carlos Bldg., Molino-Paliparan Road, Salawag, Dasmarinas, Cavite (046-431-6355)
  • ICC Panapaan: To Our Students, Graduates, Supporters and Friends: We would like to inform you that due to security concerns in our ICC Panapaan branch, we have moved our ICC Panapaan branch operations to ICC Imus. If you have any concerns with ICC Panapaan please call Mrs. Riza Toribio at 046-4714839 or 046-4714795.
  • ICC Trece: Sustamina Bldg., Trece-Tanza Road, Trece Martires City, Cavite (0921-391-2485)
  • To Enroll @ ICC: (1) Choose a branch nearest your residence from the list of branches above. (2) Go to the branch & look for our Branch Coordinator. (3) Bring you entrance credentials; For high school graduates who have not enrolled in any collegiate course: (original & photocopy of high school card, certificate of good moral character, 2 pcs (2x2) ID Picture, 1 pc (1X1) ID Picture); For transferees: (original honorable dismissal, original transfer credential certificate, evaluation copy of official transcript from previous college, 2 (2x2) ID picture, 1 (1x1) ID picture). If you are still lacking in some of the requirements, you can enroll without your complete credentials, you just have to notify your Branch Coordinator as to the date within the semester that you promise to submit all requirements. (4) Choose you course, Choose you class session (morning, afternoon, evening) & Fill up the enrollment form. (5) Pay the tuition for the course that you selected. Tuition fees at ICC starts at P 7,100 for the entire semester; you can either pay the full amount or pay P 2,000 for the first payment. However, if you have less than P 2,000 you can still enroll as long as you tell the Branch Coordinator when you intend to pay the rest of the downpayment within the first month of the opening of classes.
  • Email: iccinquire@yahoo.com
  • Email for document request: rizatoribio@yahoo.com
  • 2 Year Information Technology Courses
  • Programming NC4 (Computer Programming)
  • Programming NC4 (Applied Computer Science)
  • Programming NC4 (Internet Technology)
  • Programming NC4 (Database Developer)
  • Bookkeeping NC3 (Computer Secretarial)
  • Bookkeeping NC3 (Office Management)
  • Bookkeeping NC3 (Computerized Accounting)
  • Bookkeeping NC3 (Entrepreneurship Technology)
  • Computer Hardware Servicing NC2 (Computer Technician)
  • Computer Hardware Servicing NC2 (Applied Computer Engineering)
  • Computer Hardware Servicing NC2 (Cyber Security Technology)
  • Animation NC3 (Computer Animation)
  • Animation NC3 (Film Animation)
  • Visual Graphics NC3 (MultimediaTechnology)
  • Visual Graphics NC3 (Mobile Application Development)
  • Visual Graphics NC3 (Mobile Game Development)
  • Be Equipped Not Only With Technical Computer Skills, But, With Employability Skills As Well.  ICC Employability Skills Framework: 1) Communication; 2) Teamwork; 3) Problem Solving; 4) Initiative & Enterprise; 5) Planning & Organizing; 6) Self-Management; 7) Learning; 8) Technology.
  • Competency Based Education & Training. Competency  refers to the possession and application of knowledge, skills and attitudes to perform work activities to the standard expected in the workplace.  Basic Competencies are the skills and knowledge needed by all people in a workplace. Common Competencies are the skills and knowledge needed by all people working in a particular industry. Core Competencies  are the specific skills and knowledge needed in a particular area of work - industry sector/occupation/job role. National Certificate is a certification issued to individuals who achieve all the required units  of competency for a national qualification defined under the Training Regulations.
  • Competencies for ICC's Computer Programming Course
    (TESDA Programming National Certificate (NC) 4)

    Basic Competencies
    1. Utilize specialized communication skills
    2. Develop team & individuals
    3. Apply problem solving techniques in the workplace
    4. Collect, analyze and organize information
    5. Plan & organize work
    6. Promote environment protection

    Common Competencies
    7. Apply quality standards
    8. Operate a personal computer

    Core Competencies
    9. Design program logic
    10. Apply program development approach
    11. Apply object-oriented programming language skills
    12. Apply programming skills in a second language
  • Competencies for ICC's Computer Animation Course
    (TESDA Animation National Certificate (NC) 3)

    Basic Competencies
    1. Lead workplace communication
    2. Lead small teams
    3. Develop and practice negotiation skills
    4. Solve problems related to work activities
    5. Use mathematical concepts and techniques
    6. Use relevant technologies

    Common Competencies
    7. Apply quality standards
    8. Operate a personal computer

    Core Competencies
    9. Produce key drawings for animation
    10. Produce cleaned-up & in-betweened drawings
    11. Create 3D digital animation
    12. Use an authoring tool to create an interactive sequence
  • Competencies for ICC's Computer Technician's Course
    (TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing National Certificate (NC) 2)

    Basic Competencies
    1. Participate in workplace communication
    2. Work in team environment
    3. Practice career professionalism
    4. Practice occupational health and safety procedures

    Common Competencies
    5. Apply quality standards
    6. Perform computer operations
    7. Perform mensuration & calculation
    8. Prepare & interpret technical drawing
    9. Use hand tools
    10. Terminate & connect electrical wiring & electronic circuits

    Core Competencies
    11. Install computer systems & networks
    12. Diagnose & troubleshoot computer systems
    13. Configure computer systems and networks
    14. Maintain computer systems and networks
  • Competencies for ICC's Computer Secretarial Course
    and ICC's Entrepreneurship Technology Course
    (TESDA Bookkeeping National Certificate (NC) 3)

    Basic Competencies

    1. Lead workplace communication
    2. Lead small team
    3. Develop and practice negotiation skills
    4. Identifying/determining fundamental cause of problem
    5. Use mathematical concepts and techniques
    6. Use relevant technologies

    Common Competencies
    7. Apply quality standards
    8. Perform computer operations
    9. Maintain client relations
    10. Manage own performance

    Core Competencies
    11. Journalize transactions for single proprietorship
    12. Journalize transactions for partnership
    13. Journalize transactions for corporation
    14. Post transactions
    15. Prepare trial balance
    16. Prepare financial reports for single proprietorship
    17. Prepare financial reports for partnership
    18. Prepare financial reports for corporation
    19. Review internal control system.
  • Competencies for ICC's Multimedia & Internet Technology Course
    (TESDA visual Graphics Design National Certificate (NC) 3)

    Basic Competencies
    1. Lead workplace communication
    2. Lead small team
    3. Develop and practice negotiation skills
    4. Solve problems related to work activities
    5. Use mathematical concepts and techniques
    6. Use relevant technologies

    Common Competencies
    7. Apply quality standards
    8. Perform computer operations

    Core Competencies
    9. Develop design studies
    10. Create vector graphics using a graphics application
    11. Create raster graphics using a graphics application
    12. Develop designs for print media
    13. Develop designs for electronic media
    14. Develop designs for product packaging
    15. Design booth and product/window display
  • ICC maintains a "Blue Desk" in all its branches that list the job opportunities available for all ICC graduates.
  • An office within ICC called Placement Referral Intelligence Database for Employment (PRIDE) takes care of collating all job opportunities in the national and local levels and distributes this information to all branches.
  • On the bottom right corner of this website a JOB OPPORTUNITIES area is specially provided for all ICC graduates .
  • Guide for ICC Graduates: What Employers Want from Employees

    1. COMMUNICATION SKILLS. The better you will be able to communicate both in writing & verbally, the more successful you will be. Good communication skills save time, reduce conflicts, minimize mistakes & facilitate change.

    2. HONESTY & INTEGRITY. The ability to have people trust you; it will be a magnet for all sorts of opportunities.

    3. TEAMWORK SKILLS. Your success will be largely based on your ability to work with others.

    4. INTERPERSONAL SKILLS. Ability to work with people. Be open-minded & flexible.

    5. MOTIVATION INITIATIVE. Taking positive action specially when others are slow to do so demonstrates leadership.

    6. STRONG WORK ETHIC. Go the extra mile. It is more a matter of attitude than energy.

    7. ANALYTICAL SKILLS. Logically approach a problem.



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  • ICC Blog Site. ICC students, alumni and the general public are invited to visit the blog site of ICC, entitled "ICC Research", to learn more about the latest trends in the information technology industry. The blog site is authored by ICC President & Founder Manny P. del Prado and could be viewed at www.iccresearch.blogspot.com .
  • ICC & YouTube. YouTube is the most popular video sharing site in the Internet today. ICC students have recently uploaded their personal video experiences at the site. To view their created videos, go to www.youtube.com, use IMUS ICC or ICC IMUS or ICC LP or ICC ROSARIO or ICC GMA or ICC DASMA or ICC ALABANG or ICC BACOOR or ICC SILANG as the search tag.
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